What report shows the number of unique users for a specific website?

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    What report shows the number of unique users for a specific website?

    • Audience Composition
    • Standard
    • Inventory Availability
    • Page-Category

    Correct answer is

    • Inventory Availability

    Explanation: Use the Inventory Availability report to find the predicted number of impressions that match specific targeting criteria, which can be useful for predicting the overall scale of a campaign. Due to privacy considerations, Display & Video 360 may not display data for targeting combinations that match fewer than 3000 unique cookies. Inventory availability data can be delayed for a few days, causing recently created or shared audience lists to temporarily appear to have no users.

    You can measure the following metrics in an Inventory Availability report:

    • Potential Impressions: The number of times that a user’s client (browser or mobile device) sent a ping to ad server that creative content was requested.
    • Unique Cookies with Impressions: The number of unique cookies that have impressions, belonging to users that appear in both an individual first-party audience list and an individual third-party audience list.
    • Potential Viewable Impressions: The number of impressions on the site that were viewable out of all measurable impressions.

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