What happens when an engine is paused?

    What happens when an engine is paused?

    • Ad groups and keywords are paused
    • All campaigns are paused
    • Active campaigns are paused
    • Syncs are paused from the engine

    Correct answer is:

    • Syncs are paused from the engine

    Explanation: In Search Ads 360, an engine account can have a status of Active, Paused, or Removed.

    Paused indicates that activities such as trafficking and syncing, are temporarily stopped. You can resume the account when you are ready. This status is only applicable to search engine accounts. Social and engine track accounts don’t support trafficking and syncing, so pausing a social or engine track account doesn’t affect the account (the account still tracks conversions and can report cost metrics if you import them).

    Read more here: https://support.google.com/searchads/answer/1713067


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