Compatible feature with Conversion Optimizer

    Which Google Ads feature is compatible with Conversion Optimizer?

    • Separate Display Network bids
    • Advanced Ad Scheduling
    • Enhanced CPC
    • Ad Extensions

    The correct answer is:

    • Separate Display Network bids

    Explanation: A similar feature is Enhanced CPC (ECPC) which can also help you get more sales or other conversions. The main difference is that ECPC works with the maximum CPC bid that you set, while Conversion Optimizer doesn’t. Another difference is that Conversion Optimizer modifies 100% of traffic, while ECPC modifies 50% initially, and then moves that percentage up or down based on how it is performing. You can set both Conversion Optimizer and ECPC to focus on either conversions or converted clicks by choosing a conversion bid metric on the Settings tab of all your conversions.

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